Architectural Vinyl Films

Chromatic has long been a supporter of the enormous potentiality of wrapping outside of the automotive sector.


While all of our vinyls have many uses outside of the automotive industry we have come up with a range of wood grain vinyls especially developed for architectural products. The W-900 wood effect series comes in a Calandered Polymeric PVC Vinyl and is also textured for that authentic feel. 

Wood Effect W-900 Series

Our Wood Effect Vinyls come in a variety of finishes and are used through the architectural industries for many uses including Furniture, Doors, Kitchens etc. 


They come in a textured finish to give it an authentic look and feel. They can also be used on simple curves and can be put on using a dry or wet method.


Product Specs

  • Type: Wood Effect with Textured Surface

  • Material: Polymeric PVC

  • Thickness:  10  Micron

  • Durability: 4-7 Years

  • Adhesive: Repositional, Clear and Non Permanent

  • Application: Dry or Wet

  • Over 60 styles available (See Full Range here)

Honey Wheat Wrapping Vinyl by Chromatic.jpg