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Architectural Vinyl Films

Chromatic has long been a supporter of the enormous potentiality of wrapping outside of the automotive sector.


While all of our vinyls have many uses outside of the automotive industry we have come up with a range of professional Architectural Wrapping Vinyls.

The Layed Interior Vinyl Range comes in a Calandered Polymeric PVC Vinyl and is also textured for that authentic feel. 

Our Wood Effect Vinyls come in a variety of finishes and are used through the architectural industries for many uses including Furniture, Doors, Kitchens etc. 

Available in Matte, Gloss, Marble, Concrete, Wood, Fabric, Brushed Metal Chrome plus much more. 


They come in a textured finish to give it an authentic look and feel. They can also be used on simple curves and can be put on using a dry or wet method.


Product Specs:

  • Material: Polymeric PVC

  • Thickness:  130 - 250  Micron

  • Durability: 7 Years

  • Adhesive: Repositional, Clear and Non Permanent

  • Application: Dry

  • Over 160 styles available (See Full Range here)

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